What’s with The Patbingsoo?


Welcome to The Patbingsoo!

This is a simple page that I created for the sole purpose of venting out my thoughts about Korean pop music. That’s basically it, lmao.

I have been quite the dedicated follower of the genre (stanning since 2009!) and my fascination about it goes beyond the flashy visuals and its over-the-top nature. I wholeheartedly believe that K-pop music has immense substance and is a great alternative to mainstream pop music that we usually get from the West.

I’ll be posting reviews, short essays, and rants about releases from my biases as well as other acts that may have caught my attention. There’s a lot to write about K-pop music, and that’s what makes it very exciting. That’s why I called it The Bingsoo – it takes inspiration from the popular Korean dessert patbingsoo which is basically a mix and match of random things. That’s what you’ll be getting here, ayt?

If you like K-pop music and we share the same biases, you will like this page. If not, then you just probably got here from my link building skillz via my other social media accounts and now that you’re here, just go ahead and read. You might end up liking K-pop music too and you can spazz with me in the most daebak fashion!

Follow me on Twitter: @thepatbingsoo ❤

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