a final word on the ReVe Festival

When it was announced that Red Velvet’s “The ReVe Festival” will come in three installments, I knew I had to hold my thoughts until all of them were released since we are looking at a body of work rather than separate promo singles. And now that the “festival” has finally come to an end, this is all I have to say: Nothing new to see here.

I know this will come off the wrong way, but I don’t mean no shade so chill and hear me out.


Just like any other festival, the RVF is meant to celebrate and honor what Red Velvet is all about. We all know that the group remains to be one of the most versatile acts in the newer generation thanks to their dual Red and Velvet concepts. RVF showcases this widely with three releases so different from each other (which perhaps can be performed even by different groups) but at the end of the day falls under Red Velvet’s repertoire. Why look at others when RV can provide all you need?


It’s a subtle flex from the group and we’re here for it because why the hell not, right?

Here’s the catch though. While the singles (and even the b-sides) from RVF are good and all, they offer nothing new in the widening the spectrum of Red Velvet’s capacity. Zimzalabim is weird and polarizing? One word: Rookie. RV is this generation’s summer queens with lovable bops to quench the blazing heat? They already made that point with the successful Red Flavor and Power Up singles (the latter being the first ever single from SM to hit a perfect all-kill in the charts, btw). Their Velvet side needs to shine more and be appreciated? Here’s a video of Psycho played over the Bad Boy instrumental.

I’m not saying they are bad because the girls always deliver. All of the three songs got a good round of spins in my playlist actually. I have always pegged Red Velvet as a group that pushes themselves beyond boundaries while being accessible – much like how f(x) was back then (even better, arguably). They have been so streets ahead with their sound that it’s inevitable to come to a point where it gets (for a lack of a better word) stale?

With RVF, we see them resting in their laurels because when you reach a point where you can’t draw new tricks, it’s better to go back to basics and to what you do best. It’s not a slump but more of being in a plateau with the highest altitude, if that makes sense.

Rookie is still THAT Red Velvet song, just sayin’!

The biggest question and challenge post-RVF now is: What have they not done yet? Let’s hope the following years become more interesting for the best idol group alive. You know when you are operating at this level, the stakes will be high.

And that’s the final word for The ReVe Festival. Do you agree? I don’t mind if you don’t and it would be better if you let me know in the comments below.

P.S.: RVF Finale is curated really well with all the Velvet goodness highlighted in the first half of the album. The new additions are really strong tracks as well. Stream Psycho and let’s get that second PAK for Wendy! Get into the whole RVF Finale album here:

P.P.S: While Psycho needs to be streamed af, I am obsessed with this fan-made version featuring Nicki Minaj. She needs to step out of retirement (?) for a while and hop on this song for a legit re-release.

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