i verivery like verivery and here’s why

Frontrunners from this wave of K-Pop idols are coming back this season but I have not hopped in the bandwagon because first, it’s not Red Velvet.  Second, Brown Eyed Girls has announced a comeback and that’s all what I really care about at this point in my life.

Fire in the hole when you hit it right there! Where is the comeback?!

Third, I have been checking out smaller groups and I found myself to be more excited with what they’re gonna put out – VeriVery being one of them.

So who is VeriVery, you say? Well, I’m glad you asked! For starters, they’re a seven-member boy group from Jellyfish Entertainment (home of iconic groups VIXX and Gugudan). Prior to their official debut, they starred in a reality show which I have no idea what it’s all about but yeah, that’s how they were created. What got me into this group though is a song called “Super Special” which is a part of that show’s soundtrack. Thank you, Youtube recommendations!


Since releasing “Super Special”, VeriVery has been consistent with their sound by bringing in a new jack swing flavor to all their tracks. They officially debuted this year with the lovely “Ring Ring Ring” and followed this up with “From Now On”.

I do love me some New Jack Swing and I think K-Pop is one of the best platforms to bring this musical style back to everyone’s consciousness. We’ve seen Bruno do this with “Finesse” and while it’s all okay, having a band of boys sing to an NJS beat kinda feels more authentic (?) as it takes you on a trip when pop bands thrived. As a genre, it also sounds sunny and upbeat which is perfect for a new boy group like VeriVery.

As for title tracks, I’m more Ring3x than From Now On just because it is a little “cuter” and I like me some saccharine but Veri-Able, the mini where the latter is included, is probably one of my favorite albums this year. With the exception of the trop house closing track, everything in Veri-Able has a lovely 90s tinge to it. “Love Line” has a dash of vintage urban pop, “Get Ready” is a funky joint with old Sweetune production written all over it (YAS!), and “All I Do” simply ended Bruno’s Versace on the Floor and Triple H’s rip off called Girl Girl Girl.

So, while y’all feel fancy like a boy with luv as you kill that love, do yourself a favor and get in to the musical stylings of VeriVery. Well if they flop, there’s always Produce 101 or The Unit but the music will definitely not be better!

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