hello, we have decided to stan our savior miss jo jung min!

So one of the best things that happened to my stan twt career this year is when I got added to a chat group chock full of real K-Pop intellectuals. And one of the reasons why I’m so fucking grateful to be a part of it is because I discovered a gem and an unsung hero of pop by the name of Jo Jung Min!!!


One of the members shared the video of this diva’s recent comeback called “Ready Q” and since that day, my skin became clearer, I developed better sleeping habits, wanted to work out more, became less nasty, advocated for world peace, loved my enemies, handled my finances better, and just became a better asset to society as a whole. All thanks to the supreme overlord Jo Jung Min!!

In my own terms, I would describe “Ready Q” as “telenovela pop”. We’ve seen other legendary K-Pop acts do some Latin-inspired music to great results (Ga-In’s Step 2/4, SF9’s O Sole Mio, (G)-IDLE’s Senorita sorta, and G-Friend’s Flower come to mind) but none of those went in to deliberately sounding like a song from a damn Telemundo show like “Ready Q” did. Of course, Ms. Jo needed to add some K-Pop flavor to it to ride with the times, so she sprinkled some of her trot roots (she’s a trot singer apparently) for the oldies and some hypnotic EDM breakdown for the younger ones to complete this legendary concoction of a song. The result is a track that starts like a BGM for a 90s Thalia soap to a trot jam to a Sugar Free meets Pocket Girls Bbang Bbang banger! Describing it on paper is not enough, you have to listen to it to understand the whole experience!!!


AND WE HAVEN’T TALKED ABOUT THE ALBUM YET. Cohesive and consistent, the whole Drama concept album (yes henny, it is a concept album) proves that Ms. Jo has is the one and only mother who gave birth to telenovela pop! I declare that this will be a trailblazing album music critics and pop culture scholars will be unearthing 50 years after to examine as to why K-Pop became a global sensation. Ms. Jo’s impact!!!!!

Seriously, from the sultry “Holy Night”, “Kiss Me”, and “Flower” down to the epic “Goodbye”, I wasn’t expecting that her album would be so good! It definitely sh*ts over whatever Blackpink and BTS put out recently and is even a whole lot better than Twice’s Fancy You (I love Fancy now though!!). The only way to beat Drama is if Brown Eyed Girls comes back. And I’d even wish them luck because Ms. Jo really gave them a run for their money!

The whole Drama EP is available on Apple Music and Spotify and I have just one thing to say:


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