here’s what i think about sf9’s latest comeback

I am already into SF9’s Enough (after a few spins) but the real tea of the matter is that they should’ve not returned with that song. Here’s why:

First, it does not help that parts of it remind me of Exo’s Ko Ko Bop. Technically, this may be false but y’all know what I mean.

Second, this sound is something that I’d consider as trite among boy groups. You can literally pass this track to other struggling BGs and it would fit them just right. At least Ko Ko Bop has its own quirks that help it stand out.

Third, I understand that SF9 is that group that hops from one sound to another to snag a hit. And I think they should’ve hit stop with last year’s Now or Never. The dark and chic sound of 질렀어 is actually unique among boy groups nowadays (the closest I can find is IN2IT’s Snapshot). Besides, it only makes sense too because when Chani gained some traction after Sky Castle’s super successful run, the views for his Now or Never fancam skyrocketed. It’s the song that stuck with the public when SF9 finally got some steam so why not follow up with something similar to it? Now, look at Enough and its struggle to gain a million views (they just recently hit it, but it took a week considering this newfound attention).


One more thing, Chani had less parts in Enough (even though they did make it up with MV screen time) but I think it’s still not enough, y’know what I’m saying?! FNC already did this right with Seolhyun, what the hell happened?!

Police: Woojoo, did you do it?

Fourth, instead of Enough they could’ve pushed for Play Hard as their title track. It may not be totally on Now or Never’s lane but at least it has the combination of their previous songs. Play Hard has Now or Never’s thumping bass, Mamma Mia’s cartoonish elements, O Sole Mio’s commercial appeal, that generic sound that K-pop boy groups go to in Fanfare or Roar, and an improved line distribution that we last saw in Easy Love (almost). Play Hard has lyrics that appeal to younger listeners too so it could possibly work.

It’s a good thing that they used this a b-side promotion for Enough and they performed it on full at The Show. Look at them going off!!

Again, I already like Enough so don’t hate me!!! I didn’t expect to feel this way towards this comeback because SF9 has been one of the newer groups that I have been rooting for to hit big. At least all of them still looked snatched and Hwiyoung’s fabulous weave is a gift that keeps on giving!


I wished Play Hard got some title track treatment a la Mister. Who knows, they could pull off a chart reversal gig like their N. Flying labelmates did recently and become the EXID and Kara of this generation at the same time?! Legendary!!!

Did you love SF9’s Enough on your first spin? Let me know in the comments below.

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