yup, there are solos more punk right now than solo – thank u soooo much!

You know we can’t go on and talk about female solos this year without Jennie, right? Sure, for a debut it is successful but whenever I think about “Solo“, I just feel so bad for the girl. How can someone so pretty and talented get to launch her solo career with something so bland? I mean, BlackPink b-sides are much better than whatever that generic mess is?! And shouldn’t be solos a diversion from what is usually done by the group? What the hell happened? Ugh, I hope the other girls do better since they’re all getting solos, apparently.


Anyway, while almost everyone is getting “floored” with Solo, second generation K-Pop groups are once again proving why they are the superior phase with the female solos that came out this year.

Let’s start with Yubin’s “Thank You Soooo Much”. The end of the rebooted Wonder Girls is a little unfair and unwanted because they were already regaining pace. Why So Lonely was a big hit so why end so soon?! Luckily when they parted ways, Yubin kept the Reboot flame burning. While we’re at it, stream Reboot! K-Pop masterpiece, I tell y’all!

She started off with the gorgeous citypop masterpiece “Lady” and now we have TYSM. Now this is a track that the WG could be coming back with if they are still a thing but Yubin did a pretty good job of showing that she can do it alone! Her personality shines better with this track maybe because she’s more comfortable doing solos now. Even the b-sides are gorgeous. Make sure to check out “Game Over”.

Side note: Among all companies, JYP makes the best female solos. The material they give to their talents is always distinguished from their groups.

Next up is DJ HYO’s “Punk Right Now”. Hyoyeon is one of my ultimate biases in K-Pop but I have never been as addicted to her solos as much the way that I did with PRN. “Wannabe” was the last one that I really liked and that was because it showed her fierce persona but overall, it was still a little lukewarm. With Punk Right Now, the fiery Hyoyeon that I’ve always wanted to come out in her solos finally came out. If you have been following SNSD like I do, Hyo is one of the best performers in the group because she always delivers live (watch a Run Devil Run fancam for proof). That has never been translated in her past solo efforts until now which makes me so happy because…


The song hooked me on my first spin and while the MV is underwhelming because it doesn’t showcase her strength, I’m happy that they released a dance practice video because it totally completed the reason why Punk Right Now slays. Just look at her go off, I mean c’mon!!!

Too bad these solos are getting eclipsed by other female solos (Jennie’s only actually, lol) but I hope y’all give these ladies a spin because they are serving! I hope the other second gen girls continue bringing out solos and show the youngsters how it’s done.

UPDATE: Well, T-Ara’s Jiyeon just decided to join the party and it already looks great!!


Anyway, your thoughts on Jennie’s Solo or maybe Yubin’s and Hyo’s? Lemme know.

And here’s an underrated second gen solo masterpiece! I hope Hara’s well!

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