why oh!gg makes a lot of sense for snsd

SM Entertainment may have their share of terrible decisions through the years (there’s a list floating somewhere, I know) but you can’t deny how they did it right with Girls’ Generation this year through their latest project, the Oh! GG sub-unit. Here’s why it makes a lot of sense:

First, it gives a reassuring illusion that OT8 (or heavens please OT9) is still a thing. Sooyoung, Seohyun, and Tiffany have expressed commitment to the group so a reunion isn’t farfetched at all. And my SONE heart tells me that time will heal whatever transpired between Jessica and the girls. It’s just nice of SM to bank on those by debuting a sub-unit which means that the state of SNSD now is just a phase and the reformation is bound to happen…HOPEFULLY!


Second, the sub-unit sets lowered expectations in terms of how it would turn out. As it is just an off-shoot of the main SNSD brand, it will not work to put this next to whatever the group has released before. Oh!GG is a diversion and it deserves to be looked at from what it is supposed to do – just like how TTS was (RIP, TTS).

So what is Oh!GG’s supposed to be doing? It’s basically SM making use of what’s left of SNSD without deliberately saying so. You see, the mix of the remaining members is quite difficult to navigate it in terms of forming a sub-unit. Two of their vocalists left, SHY will not work without Sooyoung. Taeyeon and Sunny could pull off a Davichi-ish unit but Taeyeon has been really doing well as a solo act.

Thus, in a conundrum such as this, the best thing to do is to put them all together and give them extremely modern, public-friendly music. Voila, Oh!GG’s Lil’ Touch! See, this is really a win, SM!

The song basically rides with the sparse, minimalist trends that of some of pop ditties from the West use. It can be easily associated to the likes that Selena Gomez or maybe Little Mix would release. It also helps that the song is extremely straightforward, thus making it easier for listeners to digest.

This is a good direction for the group, because with newer groups taking over and second-generation groups falling apart one by one, SNSD has to remain relevant for at least a few years more before the anticipated reunion comes along (I’m really into this narrative haha).

Another strength of this release is how the individual charms of each girl is highlighted. You can tell that going through some solo releases has helped each member. Yoona sounds confident, Yuri got her sexy groove back, Hyoyeon has become a force to reckon with, Sunny’s hidden vocal chops take the spotlight. However, Taeyeon’s extensive solo work gives her an advantage. From her glares to how she executes the choreography – she’s developed some strong presence.

(Get it, sis!!!)

Interestingly though, the sub-unit descends to the classic SNSD sound with their b-side Fermata. A sweet, guitar-driven track, Fermata sounds like one of the choices to have been added to Love and Peace. You can even divide the song among the OT8 or OT9 members – that’s how Soshi the track is.

Anyway, this has been really a success for the group and a good indication that they’ll follow this through. Despite no music show promos and just one fansign event, it did well digitally (still charting now), it surpassed Super Junior in Kihno units sold, raked in a lot of Youtube views, and topped iTunes. They could’ve really promoted more with the good reception it got though, tbh.

Still got it!

I guess Oh!GG is what SM will be promoting for the group at least for quite some time along with solo releases (Yuri is releasing something). It will be interesting how they will follow up Lil’ Touch though and I could only wish them the best of luck!

What do you think of Oh!GG and Lil’ Touch? Leave a comment below and let a fellow SONE know!


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