oh my girl remains to be one of k-pop’s most interesting groups with the rebellious “remember me”

Among the tons new gen Korean girl groups trying to make a name in the scene today, Oh My Girl is one of those who follow the “small and steady wins the race” mantra. They’re popular but not at the level where the obvious top acts are operating. They snag wins in music shows but they do not chart strongly. They sell out concerts in a minute but their physicals need a little catching up to elevate their status.

Is that a bad thing? Not at all.

However, one of the characteristics that most people overlook about this group is how innovative they can get. Revisiting their promotional cycle will let you realize that Oh My Girl has released some of the most interesting stuff from girl groups from the last decade. Yup, their stuff is that good. From the hypnotic marching band ditty that is Cupid to the positively deceptive Windy Day down to whatever took place in Coloring Book, the group has continually tried new ways to toy around with their discography.


Their most recent comeback, Remember Me, is no exception. With how successful Secret Garden was despite being their most straightforward and commercial title track, you would expect them to pick up from that success, right? Nope, instead they went on launching a sub-unit which ended up as another failed Orange Caramel project (which is unfortunate because Banana Allergy Monkey is one hell of a chiptune song) and then they returned as a group with Remember Me which would seem like a run-off-the-mill EDM pop that belonged in 2012 a few seconds in.

But like what I said earlier, OMG is not a group without a little quirk here and there. What makes this song work is that they have gone and messed up this formulaic pop structure which is such a brave move from them. Any basic EDM pop track is expected flow as is and that means a verse, a pre-chorus and an explosive drop to allow everyone to go ham. Boombayah, anyone?!

In Remember Me, the song starts off like traditionally but when the first drop is about to go in, it does not. When they finally allowed for the drop to land, they used the opening beat which made it totally anti-climactic for some. That is why when you read some of the comments, a lot of them are about finding the song’s chorus which is pretty hilarious. The song then ends a little more sudden than expected too.


It is really a mess of a song…but a really beautiful one! Despite this bizarre mix up, it never loses its pace and it remains to be enjoyable down to the last bit. You know what this reminds me? Girls Aloud’s Biology. Look it up. While it is not really in that level (no other pop song will ever be), being compared to it is probably the highest compliment that you can give to an Oh My Girl track.

It took me a spin or two to realize the kind of stunt OMG is trying to pull off with this one but once I got the hang of it, it made Remember Me a more satisfying listen. It reminds us that Oh My Girl is indeed one of the bravest groups to come from this generation for the sole reason that they do not rely on their breakthrough to continually rise. (Note: They just got their first win for this song and their concert sold out in a minute so the experimentation really paid off, congrats girls!)

Well, that’s about it. Oh, and they always have great b-sides, so check out the rest of the EP too. This one’s a little more diverse than their previous stuff but it still solid nonetheless. I kinda preferred their guitar-driven side tracks back then (check out the Coloring Book EP) Choice cuts: Twilight and Echo.

Stream Remember Me here:

What are your thoughts on Oh My Girl and Remember Me? Leave a comment below because I’d love to meet more Miracles! 😀

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