so now y’all suddenly stan a pink?! loljk

I guess we can all agree about how the glorious A Pink slayed and scalped us all with their latest comeback, right? It’s soooo good and it kinda reminded me of those sad but danceable K-Pop songs that were a huge thing back then…good times, good times!!!

Is this the plot twist we have all been waiting for? Yes, I guess. Despite the new sound, I’m So Sick has the signature feminine A Pink sound that made them popular but it is something that is on the rougher spectrum of their concept.

But like Jasmine Masters, I have something to say.


A lot of people consider A Pink’s consistency as their greatest pitfall. It’s weird, right? While it is of course good for groups (especially in K-Pop) to diversify, there are some (like A Pink) who thrive in a sound that they have honed, owned, and nailed down to a T.

It works for them, so why bother? It even launched the careers of a lot of groups there with the same ish A Pink was bringing and I’m not gonna name names.


And it’s not like they never tried . Their 2014 hit “Luv” was one example of a maturing sound that remains faithful the A Pink brand. Only One (which is still one of their bests, btw!) was another attempt to do so but it did not do well unfortunately. Y’all turned your backs on a revamped A Pink sound two years ago, what’s good?!?

It just so happened that A Pink (Cube, actually) really likes to play it safe with them and there’s nothing wrong about it – especially if you look at it from a business perspective.

I can really attest to this because during that time that I went to Korea and got a chance to see them live, little kids were jamming to Five like it was the greatest thing on earth. And Five was their “return to form” after trying to “grow up” (for a lack of a better term) with Only One. If that is the kind of impact that the A Pink brand brings with their songs, then might as well milk on it while you can!

If we were to go “woke” with this then we can rage against the capitalist machines for not letting A Pink have their authenticity as artists and do the music that is close to their hearts. But this is K-Pop, honey aka one of the biggest capitalist machines there is in Asia nowadays so you are gonna need the wormhole that Brown Eyed Girls used in Brave New World for that to happen!

Well, there’s nothing much to say because I’m So Sick is a such a welcome change for the group. And I guess we Pink Pandas aren’t picky to not welcome new fans. Just don’t ever clock them for sticking and playing within their signature sound because that’s what they do best!

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