bingsoo mix vol. 8: every miss A title track ranked

We all thought that 2017 wasn’t playing around as bad as any other year would but voila, miss A finally disbands. On top of many other things. What a concept.


It’s not a surprise though. The quartet has been in shambles from the time that Suzy started surviving all by herself, Jia withdrawing from the group in favor of a career in homeland China, and Min just being done with the industry once and for all. Even Fei re-signed with JYP on a basis of a solo career, if you ask me. We all knew that miss A had no clear future so to speak.

It’s like hoping for After School to continue even though none of the original members are in the group. Yes, that bad.


Everybody else: Ofc, After School is still coming back!!! #WHATSGOODPLEDIS

Their downfall though is not out of waning popularity. I mean, Only You, their last comeback was a huge success despite a two-year hiatus. I think it all fell down to a lack of priority in promoting the group which was unfortunate because miss A was a league of its own. They’re feminine but not saccharine, fierce but not in-your-face, sexy but always subtle. They were a perfect mix of every girl group out there.

Oh well, it’s not like their disbandment will be something irreversible so we’ll just have to wait until a show that looks back at the fall of second gen groups and then reunites them or something. For the mean time, let’s have a look back at all their promo singles as yours truly ranks them from mmmkay to yaaassslaaay. Enjoy.

7. I Don’t Need a Man (2012) – Woke twt stans nut from a feminist theme of some sorts which is what I Don’t Need a Man is all about. However, there are other miss A title tracks that are more interesting – (at least from a production standpoint) and I guess this list leans towards that.

6. Only You (2015) – Only You sees a more “chill” (for a lack of a better term) miss A with this poppy track which makes it an ideal comeback after a lengthy hiatus. Like any Black Eyed Pilsung track, Only You has a lot of things going on with the horns, strings, and synths but still ends up being meshed well enough into a perfect summer track. Too bad it just went head on with Exo that time, hence the lack of music show wins. Despite that, Only You was a huge commercial success for the group.

5. Goodbye Baby (2011) – Is just it me or the drum pattern in Goodbye Baby reminds you of Run Devil Run? That aside, Goodbye Baby is one of the group’s fiercest offerings with the girls having their Take a Bow moment a la Rihanna (Your show is now over, baby goodbye) on top of classic 2010s synths and a slight tinge of rock.

4. Good Girl, Bad Girl (2010) – Ah the quintessential miss A track, no doubt. GGBG was an effective way to debut the group because it was a combination of everything – sexy, cute, fierce, crazy all rolled into one song and one group. It literally was a statement of miss A’s versatility as a group, at least musically. If you think miss A is stuck with one concept, as what the iconic hook from the song says, you don’t know them so shut up, boy!

3. Breathe (2010) – I think Breathe is highly underrated as a miss A track and that is because it became the followup to their hugely successful debut. That’s not to say that it falls inferior to Good Girl Bad Girl because it does not. I mean, the bouncy reggaeton beat and the overall mood of the song is something that you’d bop to until now. On top of that, it sees the group in their most demanding song in terms of performance. Just watch the video above and you’ll witness miss A’s impeccable stamina and most importantly, their credibility as a solid performance group (despite Suzy barely hanging on there lol).

2. Hush (2013) – I know most casual listeners and even say As don’t get hooked with Hush because it is not as instant as their other hits but that’s exactly the point of the song. It was made to be subtle and incredibly sparse in order to allow the sensuality of the song (and the performers) to soar. This makes Hush the sexiest miss A song without you even realizing it. Pair it up with their stage performances, and you have a clear winner! Also, whatever the fck happened to E-Tribe?!?! They’re one of my favorite producers alongside Sweetune.

1. Touch (2012) – Incredibly funky, sexy, and eerie at the same time, Touch is by no doubt their most experimental offering, ever. I’d even go as far as saying that this one of JYP’s most prolific works. The whole dark, sensual vibe of Touch fits miss A really well and that may have spawned the comebacks of other groups as well (see: Rainbow’s Black Swan). miss A could have been the queen of dark concepts in a way that Sistar owned the K-Pop summer season if they continued with this kind of music. Oh, the many possibilities of this group.

Well, that’s it. Do you agree with this list. If you do, drop a comment and say so. If not, drop dead bitch. Kidding. Let me know your list too.

Here’s another favorite miss A track for nostalgia’s sake. Oh, how we all miss good ol’ K-Pop!!!!


One thought on “bingsoo mix vol. 8: every miss A title track ranked

  1. Your top 3 is my top 3! I actually think “Touch” is one of the best k-pop songs out there. The track happens in such a atmospheric and instinctive way, oh, I love it.


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