bingsoo mix vol. 7: wannaone’s beautiful and the return of the drama mv

There’s nothing much to say about WannaOne’s newest track “Beautiful” except that it’s…okay. I mean, I already forgot how it sounds like even though I gave it some spins. Let’s just say that it’s a pretty solid followup for a but not enough to match Energetic.

One notable thing from this release though is that the music video re-introduces a beloved form of MV packaging that was prominent in the heydays of K-Pop. Among fans, this is usually called the Drama MV. Basically, these are oftentimes unnecessarily lengthy music videos that could almost pass as short films. It’s mostly over-the-top, melodramatic (of course), and campy – making it too good to pass.

For this project, the whole “Beautiful” narrative is accompanied with two music videos. The first one, a three-minute prologue, answers questions on the the things that might leave you wondering in the main MV. I guess it makes sense that they released it first so as to not leave viewers confused.

EDIT: I think that the prologue would have more of an “impact” (so to speak) if it was released after the main music video because people are gonna look for answers. Why was Daniel looking for Ong and vice versa? Why are they all orphans? The main MV becomes less interesting because everything makes sense immediately.

Anyway, the main music video is a eight-minute drama about rekindling family ties and the struggles that come with it. Actually, the plot is a little sappy and underwhelming but that’s not the point because most K-Pop drama MVs are like that but I digress. I’m just actually pleased to see this format resurface because it is very engaging.

So, for this newest bingsoo mix, I’ll be listing down some K-Pop drama MVs that you might wanna check out. These are usually the lengthy ones like Beautiful but I might include some that are shorter because they’re so damn good.

TVXQ | Before U Go – This baby-making jam came with tons of versions and one of them is a 16-minute music video chock full of action scenes, SM’s trademark 360 slowmo, tons of b-side placements, and most importantly, a plot about betrayal that is as rehashed as any other Brave Bros track. Either way, Yunho stans are gonna love seeing their man in this vid with his stunts and all and even without singing, Changmin is still screaming.

Kiss | Because I’m a Girl – The OG of all drama MVs, the story of Because I’m A Girl shows the extent of what love can do to a point that you would even give up your eyesight because your bitch was clumsy af. This song and MV is truly iconic because it reached an international following. It has a localized version for our country, that impact!

Ga-In | Irreversible – This one has a plot twist so random, it’s actually hilarious. So we have Ga-In who works as a hooker in Australia (and is managed by some butch with no acting skills to boot) comes across a fellow Korean mafia gangsta (or whatever you call it) one day. She tries to escape from her boss by trapping herself inside his car. Mafia guy understood this so he immediately kills the butch.

They elope and live together until one day, guy decides to leave Ga-In behind but left her with a ton of cash. Ga-in is like “WTF, I love you not yo Gs!!” like a classy ho and tries to chase oppa’s car (with her fab pair of heels btw) even though the guy was actually going home…where they both live (girl…). Ga-in, still salty about the fckery, confronts her oppa but he still dgaf – he wants the ho out. He goes away again but now he sees the Ga-in atop their attic attempting to kill herself. This ended up with Ga-in jumping on him and then oppa dies. See, iconic!

Sunny Hill | Pray – Pray came out when Sunny Hill was in their era of using drama MVs as critiques in this flawed society that we’re all trying to be okay with. While Midnight Circus introspects at the harsh life of K-idols, Pray has a more universal message as it tackles about prejudice. The MV goes to show that there are people who actually just sees your surface and that’s where their perception ends. Harsh, but always true.

Brown Eyed Girls | Cleansing Cream – This is another favorite of mine because it goes to show that drama MVs need not to be that lengthy to ensure that your message is clearly delivered. Clocking in at less than four minutes, Cleansing Cream is a story about a woman imprisoned by love that she’s willing to make a fool out of herself with hopes of validation from her man. This MV confuses a lot of people but there is actually one main character, it’s just that she’s seeing a version of herself that she refuses to acknowledge. She’s literally covered in a chock full of make up and she needs one hell of a cleansing cream to help her come into her senses, hence the title.

Zhang Li Yin | I Will – This is basically Before U Go except that it takes place in China (I guess). It’s a love triangle marred by some insecure hater. It features former Super Junior members Hangeng and Siwon (lol, kidding) and Lee Yeon Hee, SM’s in-house actress. They also star in another Zhang Li Yin MV, Timeless and it’s also the same as Before U Go. So whether you are an ELF or a Cassie, if you wanna see your oppas acting, just watch any Zhang Li Yin video.

BAP | One Shot – BAP is like the male T-Ara in terms of drama MVs and this is one of their extremely over-the-top productions. With a song as grand as One Shot, you’ll need an iconic MV to match. Guns, check. Bling-bling, check. Blood, check. Dry-humping the floor choreo, check! Plot twists every minute, check! What more can you ask for?

See also
: Skydive

T-Ara | Day by Day – T-Ara is, without any doubt, the monster of all drama MVs.  Out of all the T-Ara movies, this one is my favorite because there was a lot of hype prior to the release of Day by Day. CCM (before they became MBK) said that it will be dystopic sci-fi, yaaass! All the T-Ara girlies dyed their hair, yaaass! Ahreum and Dani will be in the group, mmkay but still yaass! And boy, did they deliver. Despite Dani being the stoic girl that she is, Hyomin was slaying with her motorcycle riding skills, Jiyeon was such an evil bitch, and Eunjung deserves accolade for her portrayal of a blind warrior assassin. QBS, Ahreum, and Korean Judas were in the dance version bc they were irrelevant, esp. the last one (just kidding, I meant it with Hwawassername though)!

See also: Roly Poly, Cry Cry, Sexy Love (the continuation of Day by Day)

K.Will | Please Don’t – This has become a favorite among K-pop fans, with emphasis (maybe) on those who are into smut fluff M2M fanfics so that is enough hint as to what this MV is about. I think this catapulted Seo In Guk to clinching roles that involve such a plot. Hello, Reply 1997?! (Hoya was so great in that drama tho)

So there you go, some Drama MVs you’ll have a blast watching. There’s a ton of these from other artists and I’d appreciate your recommendations.


Before we end though, here are some bonus drama MVs that deserve some shine because…I don’t even know how to say it!

Exo | Growl (Drama ver.) – Oh my god, where do we start? The two MVs (yes people, two!!) features a song from XOXO with every cut. Come through, placement! Everyone was cringey with all their rebel highschoolers shtick (including that damn girl), except for squishy Kyungsoo with his cutesy frail character that everybody adores. Other than that, it also predicted Exo’s future with Kris leaving in the first scene. Only the greatest Exo-Ls can stand this masterpiece!

SNSD | Run Devil Run (Story ver.) – This is actually a PSA on not putting your drinks near the computer  because it can bring out the devil inside if you spill it over! You saw the consequences – random evil girls come out and tear the posters in your room and disarranges your couch, who wants that?!? Let us learn from SNSD to avoid such scary acts of evil from transpiring ever again!

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