red velvet’s perfect velvet: a modern-day miracle

If there is anything that should be highly revered and celebrated in K-Pop nowadays, it is the release of Red Velvet’s immaculate sophomore LP, the aptly-titled Perfect Velvet.

Just when we all thought that SM Entertainment already gave up on the Velvet concept, they drop an album that says otherwise. A fucking full album of all things. Wow, if there are times when I side with SM, this will be one of it.



As to why this is a surprise, this evil company has led us on thinking that The Velvet isn’t gonna last long. Here’s a chronicled history explaining why:

2015:Automatic (of all songs!!!) was completely snubbed. A huge, huge, huge crime, tbqh.

Early 2016: The Velvet, the anticipated counterpart to The Red, was just an EP so that goes to say that they’re quite hesitant with the concept. Of course, we all saw how One Of These Nights (an amazing song btw) fared. By that time, I knew that Velvet-ssi won’t have any succession.

Late 2016 – first half of 2017: Red Velvet has been continuously releasing “Red” singles, so to speak – all pf which went on to become huge hits with amazing chart longevity.

However, there has been a growing addition of “Velvet” tracks in their recent albums. Case in point, the Rookie EP. Following this pattern, it seems like SM will be pushing for Red title tracks but will still have Velvet songs as b-sides.

A strategic compromise, if you think of it.

And look at where we are now?! Perfect Velvet, an album with 9 cuts, is 80% Velvet.

Wha…how…why did this happen? To that person in SM who helped in deciding which songs should go into this album, demand for a raise! You deserve it!


I really have no solid theory as to why we have reached this radical plot twist but it is something we deserve. I’m claiming it, every ReVeluv should! I’m just sticking to the narrative that this is a reward for all the Red tracks doing exceptionally (demonic song Lookie included). If that’s the case, then let them release Red title tracks as long as we get our Velvet fix! Then maybe someday, they’ll allow promoting a Velvet track.

We can only hope for so much.


Anyways, I am just so blown away by this album. Everything is amazingly subdued, even for the Red tracks that got in. Lead title track “Peek-a-Boo” for example, while being a sure crowd-pleaser with its tropical house tinge, is a tad bit “softer” next to other Red tracks. If I were to categorize it, Peek-a-Boo would be at the extreme end of the Red spectrum with just one step away from being a full-fledged Velvet track. That’s how chill this album is!

It actually works because Peek-A-Boo blends well with the whole concept of Perfect Velvet. The only time we get a classic Red shot is when during the breakdown of “My Second Date” and anything that transpired in “Attaboy”

Meanwhile, the standouts in this album would have to be the first three tracks right after Peek-a-Boo. “Look” is just pure 80s pop perfection and a side of the Velvet concept that could and should be pushed as title track material. “I Just” and “Kingdom Come” (a contender for song title of the year) are reminiscent of the urban/RnB tracks that were the thing back in the early 2000s. It actually reminded me of Amerie’s criminally underrated album “Because I Love It”.

But if I had it my way and I get to choose the tracks for Perfect Velvet, this would how the album look like:

  • Look* TITLE
  • Automatic
  • Be Natural
  • I Just
  • Kingdom Come
  • Cool Hot Sweet Love
  • Light Me Up
  • Perfect 10
  • Body Talk
  • Hear The Sea

Pretty neat, right?!?! I wouldn’t have been able to collect my thoughts this if the album turned out that way!

To cap it off, Perfect Velvet is proof that Red Velvet is still miles ahead of their competition in terms of actually being versatile. I won’t name them, but you don’t see the other groups jumping from one sound to another with great results other than this group. This is why the dual concept for Red Velvet is a genius idea and should not be abandoned by SM! And stop trying a “mix of Red and Velvet” happen! Let Reds be Reds and Velvets be Velvets!

Again, leave it to Red Velvet for serving some new-gen K-Pop quality! The f(x) sacrifice has been paying off quite well, oops!

“Thank you, Amber-unnie!”

Stream “Perfect Velvet” here:

Your thoughts on “Perfect Velvet”? Leave a comment below and let’s see!

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