case of the f(x) evidence a: ranking the songs from “pinocchio”

f(x) recently turned eight years old and although their future remains unclear as we speak, there is no denying that they are one of the rare groups who has weaved some of the most interesting tunes to the diverse and vibrant tapestry we now refer to as K-Pop.

As a way of celebrating this incredible feat from such a fickle group, we are making the case of the f(x). Well, it’s basically a series that looks back at their stellar discography for ol’ times sake and because the newer members of the cult need to hear the real bops.


For this installment, we are digging deeper into the group’s first LP, Pinocchio. Most of those who are on board the f(x) train would argue that their best work only started with 2013’s Pink Tape which is absolutely wrong. Pinocchio, in fact, is one of the group’s most important records because it helped mold the f(x) sound that world has come to love.

Thus, Pink Tape, Red Light, and 4 Walls would not be as adored as they are now without Pinocchio. This is the tea that only true blue MeUs know and recognize.


So here ya go, the songs from Pinocchio ranked from mmmkay to yaaass slaayy:

So Into U – Pinocchio has two obligatory ballads and although there’s nothing really wrong about So Into U, it’s also not okay to have an f(x) track that is just okay.

Lollipop – For a CF song, Lollipop is surprisingly solid but it’s still no Secret though. The best thing about this track is it is the one of the few collaborations between two of SM’s most peculiar acts.

Beautiful Goodbye – The other obligatory Pinocchio ballad, the only edge of Beautiful Goodbye over So Into U is that it has a vintage tinge to it – something that S.E.S or Fin.KL would pull off in their peak years.

My Style – Am I the only one who hears the KC and the Sunshine Band sample here because that’s what makes My Style exactly my style. It’s too bad that the last time f(x) dabbled on funk was with Snapshot.

Dangerous – At its best, Dangerous can be a hidden Britney track in In the Zone or a bonus track from Good Girl Gone Bad . Other than that, the main problem with Dangerous is it has a sound that cannot stand the test of time. Well, K-Pop has a penchant for nostalgia nowadays so you have that.

Gangsta Boy – It’s safe to say that Gangsta Boy is one of those f(x) tracks with a cult following and this song does deserve that love. A little urban but still on f(x)’s lane, the song is a perfect mix of the group expanding and maintaining their sound at the same time.

Stand Up – Rarely do we hear a straight up f(x) cutesy track because they always make it a little quirky but we have Stand Up to fill that void. Props to The Peppertones for those luscious and strategically placed guitar breakdowns.

Pinocchio (Danger) – There couldn’t been any other ideal title track to promote the album than this one. It picks up from where the NuABO EP left by adding a little more quirk. Pinocchio may not be as in your face as their other tracks but an excellent f(x) track is something that gradually creeps and consumes you.

Love – Love takes a special place in this list as it is the only (someone correct me on this) instance where SM tapped the core Sweetune team for a track. The essentials are here – dominating drum patterns, wobbly synths, some funky strings, a pinch of vintage here and there, so there’s nothing to complain about it. Instead, we should be thankful because this is SM x Sweetune.  Imagine the slayage?!? Although I guess it was a smart move from SM not to do so because almost all groups were working with Sweetune during this period.

Sweet Witches – If it isn’t clear enough, NuABO is probably one of f(x)’s best records and for Sweet Witches to fit to the sound of that EP is an accomplishment in itself. Sweet Witches concocted the perfect mix of what an essential f(x) track is – saccharine and peculiar at the same time. In their own words, Sweet Witches is “pure love f(x)”.

Do you agree with this list? What is your favorite track from Pinocchio? Drop a comment and let’s discuss. Oh, if it’s still not obvious, Pink Tape’s the next case so this bish needs to prepare!


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