nine muses bounces back with love city, thanks to supercomputer muse sojin

Before we get started with Love City, I’d like to share some tea about Remember that I’ve been steeping for quite some time now, so you better get some cookies because this is gonna be pipin’ lol.

MINEs who stan Remember, get ready.

I don’t know what is it with Nine Muses’ “Remember” that it doesn’t settle well with me no matter how much I listen to it. I mean, it has all the elements of a K-Pop song that I like. Dark and a little twisted, check. Jarring composition that everyone won’t enjoy, check. Soaring and dramatic vocals, check. An over-the-top production, check!

So what is it that makes me not remember “Remember”? This is extremely puzzling, especially that I love anything Nine Muses. I even stan Hurt Locker despite it being a letdown when placed next to their stellar run of singles.

I need answers!

I guess I have placed the group on a really high standard in terms of their title tracks. Remember, they are promoting as Nine Muses, so it is really gonna compete with all their previous songs.  If that isn’t clear enough, Remember is up against Dolls, Wild, Gun, Ticket, News, Figaro, No Playboy, and Glue sunbaenims, so this bitch better step the f up! Had this been promoted as a Nine Muses A track, I’d appreciate it much better. But as standard Nine Muses, no.


I mean, if I wanted a darker Muses concept, I’d expect something akin to “Wild”. I guess they can’t bank on that now because what made Wild work was that it was sung by nine gorgeous ladies who were so in heat that they can’t help but go berserk with their sensual energy. Now, we’ve got a foursome (although they’re still pretty and all) but they just can’t compete with how divine the 2013 lineup was.

Not an easy task to topple something like Wild (and Namyu 2013)

Thankfully, they were able to bounce back with “Love City”, the title track from their repackaged EP with the same name.

Now, this is the kind of Muses that I want. The pulsating electropop track gives off some serious Fever Kylie meets Blackout Britney realness and that’s something that the Muses can pull off with ease. Apart from that, they’ve added some cute twists like the repeated chanting of “chu”, “pop”, and “lala” in the chorus which adds a layer of quirkiness to the already rowdy track.

But what makes Love City stand out, surprisingly and amazingly, is the rap parts of member Sojin. They really went the extra mile with girlie on this one!

Okay, first things first, among the rappers that have been in the Namyu roster, Sojin is the one that has a lot of catching up to do. She doesn’t have the flow of Erin, the fierceness of Lee Sem, the mere guts of Eunji, heck even the djsadkas Tri-angle, hsjhdsfje Jungle of Sungah. It just so happened that she’s the only one who could fill the void.


However, to cover up for those lack of skills, they made her “rap” in what sounds like a whisper and a moan combined which totally works for her lower range.

This time, with Love City, they’ve added a thick layer of autotune and basically transformed Sojin into a flirtatious supercomputer from a sci-fi movie! Think of Karen, Plankton’s computer wife in Spongebob Squarepants, singing a Nine Muses song and you get Sojin in Love City. If that isn’t amazing, the I don’t know what is.

Here we see a rebooted Sojin whispering “Scandal pop, saucebox”

Don’t get me wrong, I love it so much because it’s so amusing to listen to, especially when she opens the song by murmuring words that sound like “Scandal pop, saucebox” (yeah that’s what she exactly said, I know!). God knows what in the world those words actually mean, but it really drives you to listen to the rest of this song and our robot computer muse gets the credit she deserves for this feat! Yay!

Apart from that, it’s pretty sad that Hyemi is eaten by the vocals of Kyungri and Keumjo. I mean, she’s the original vocalist and the ultimate Namyu OG but the newer girls are taking over. It’s pretty petty but oh well, she’s still doing fine and she just renewed her contract so everything’s okay.


You know what this means? I guess I have to move past the 2013 heck even the 2015 lineup of Nine Muses to make me enjoy their recent releases more. It’s a tough call, especially when I think about how they did Sungah unnir dirty by placing her on a stupid hiatus because she wants to be a DJ (I mean, you really expect us to believe that, SE?) but a true, loyal MINE persists.

At least they’re in the right lane with Love City and if this continues, I might just skip the fact that they’re called Nine Muses with barely half of the expected members in the group. Worry not, Supercomputer Muse Sojin will keep me wanting more.

“Scandal Pop and Saucebox – the two boot drives of Supercomputer Sojin_LoveCity.exe”

Did you enjoy “Love City” and Supercomputer Sojin like I did? Drop a comment and let me know what you think about this song!

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