sweetune revivalists snuper did THAT with “back:hug”

Aside from Jessica’s departure, one of the darkest eras in K-Pop took place when Sweetune suddenly disappeared from the face of the Hallyu world.


If we were to quote them through one of the many hits, the production team was suddenly “gone by the midnight”.

*Obligatory promo for the K-Pop classic Figaro*

Their last major work (correct me if I’m wrong) with a K-Pop idol was Infinite’s “Last Romeo” which was in 2013. After that, their regular clients went on with other producers while some of their colleagues formed a new faction that we now all know as MonoTree.

MonoTree’s making a name for itself though post-Sweetune

They were literally nowhere to be found from 2014 until early 2016 when their works suddenly appeared in the catalogues of nugu groups that we barely even know.

Whatever the drama is behind their downfall, it is still fortunate that we get some Sweetune and with their recent work, it seems like they weren’t gone at all.

Case in point: Snuper’s “Back:Hug”.

If you are like me who thinks that the trop-house/deep house mania in K-Pop is so 2015 and late, it is easy to dismiss Back:Hug. However, one should not be deceived because a Sweetune production is not at the mercy of what is trendy.

As soon as the song’s chorus comes in, we are brought back to classic Sweetune synths, drum patterns, and harmonies. Suddenly, it’s like 2010 again! Yay!


With Back:Hug, Sweetune kinda addresses one of their major supposed “pitfalls”. They have finally have kept up with the times, but not to a point that their individuality is at risk.

REAL TALK though: As for me, I don’t see Sweetune’s non-evolving sound to be a con. Not even a single bit. It’s what actually makes them an important part of the industry. Rarely in the scene do we find a team whose work remains faithful to an era of pop music with much gusto – 80s pop on top of that! I mean, c’mon!


This actually benefits both Snuper and Sweetune with the former cementing their consistency in their music, making them almost at par with the works of early Nine Muses. That’s why I call them my “Sweetune Revivalists”. 

Honestly, I’d like for K-Pop to be associated with such movements rather than always being touted as an Asian equivalent of whatever Western pop act or trend emerges.

Oh well, since K-Pop stans are getting younger by the minute, it probably is for the best that Sweetune tries to tweak their sound once in a while. I’m just so happy that they found their way to promote their signature sound again with the likes of Snuper. May this act of kindness and supreme taste be rewarded by making Snuper escape nugudom.

And while we’re at it, here are some other Snuper songs that you should give a spin if you want a taste of good ol’ Sweetune:

It’s Raining

You=Heaven aka my current obsession

Platonic Love aka of 2016’s bests

Hide and Seek (What does the intro remind you?)

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