this is what a krystal jung playlist looks like

I have been a MeU since f(x) debuted in 2009 and as much as how they have turned from Asia’s Pop Dance Group (?) to K-Pop’s resident pseudo-hipsters and EDM queens (although T-ara says hi), my biases from this group have been pretty erratic as well.

I started rooting for Luna (because nobody does) then Amber because bandwagon. I was basically Victoria trash for as long as how her legs could stretch until I saw the light and stanned Sulli. Unfortunately, that was when she left the group but it was okay because it was also the time when she trolled every hating netizen out there with all her might. God, I cannot express how I love Sulli so much.


Right now, my aff(x)ation goes to Krystal and this is not of how gorgeous she is (Victoria, duh) or what unique personality she has (Sulli, duh). I’m loving Krystal nowadays because she is personifying what f(x) is – at least conceptually. Just like what I said earlier, f(x) has been packaged as this “a little left-of-field” counterpart to SNSD and what makes this image effective is the fact that there is indeed a member who likes to be a “little left-of-field” in the person of Baby Jung™.

Just look at their Instagram feeds. Luna likes to post beauty products and basic selfies, Amber is either trying to be a YouTube star in one post or an emo LiveJournal bloggeremo LiveJournal blogger in another, Sulli is spearheading the #freethenipple movement in Korea while slaying shoots with Rotta oppar and Victoria is casually showing off her hard-earned Yuan with her designer gowns.

And where’s Krystal? She’s in art galleries, pools with waters coming from Victorian statues, or shoots for Krystal-ish magazine covers. No cute selfies, emo ramblings, nipples, or pretty dresses. Just ahrt, ahrt, ahrt everywhere!

As a pseudo-hipster myself, I dig that. I totes dig that!


Now my favorite part of the ~vousmevoyez~ Instagram feed is those little snippets of music that she shares. No, this is not some just video. It comes with a photo of a vinyl recording because Krysthetic™ only listens to music from turntables and gramophones.

But seriously though, Krystal’s taste in music kinda resonates with me so I took the liberty of creating a playlist so that I can share this ahrt with y’all too!

The only track not available here is Sunworshipper by Mylo. Look at Krystal’s indie taste ugh ❤

As you can see, most of the stuff that she jams to ranges from old-school soul to 90s disco to experimental RnB to the era when the Black Eyed Peas made real music. It’s now clear to me that f(x)’s music is patterned after Soojung’s preferences especially that I read somewhere (forgot the source) that Amber and her take part in choosing what goes in their albums. So, the classic f(x) quirky cuts are most likely courtesy of Krystal while the more mainstream sound I think comes from Amber.

Well, that’s about it. If you’re a pseudo-hipster like me and you like K-Pop, follow @vousmevoyez at Instagram. You’re welcome. Oh, and follow that playlist above because Krystal will clearly be sharing more of her music so I will be diligently updating them as well.

Also, here’s I Don’t Wanna Love You  – the embodiment of the Krysthetic™ movement. #KrystalSolo2017 here we go!

4 thoughts on “this is what a krystal jung playlist looks like

  1. Trashy music. Amber got better taste with 90’s rock music. Linkin’ Park, Limp Bizkit, Green Day etc, that’s what you call as Taste of Music.


  2. Every person has their own music taste. My music taste is similar with her(krystal), I really love those songs. This blog is amazing, thankyou very much!:)


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