bingsoo mix vol. 5: q1 2017 faves

I have been pretty lazy in updating this small digital space of mine but I can definitely say that I have been on the lookout for some of the most recent releases in the Hallyu world. I’m still pretty active on Twitter though (and I post awesome stuff there, @thepatbingsoo) so I know what you uglies are currently spazzing and nuttin’ on lmao.

Not that I totally agree with all of them but whatever.


Perhaps Q1 has been pretty slow for me, even slower than last year. I don’t know, I guess it’s not the peak season yet. Or maybe there’s a decrease of bops that got me #shookt. I seriously don’t know. However, there are some standouts that have got my attention and these will be the highlight of this Bingsoo Mix.

I’m not including stuff that I have wrote about before like Lookie (aka the song recorded from the depths of hell) just because I have given it enough shine solely for how awesome and diabolic it is. Ok, here we go:


The pioneering unnies of the Hallyu movement are back for a special 20th anniversary reunion and what makes this more special is that it reminds you of why they are greatly loved in the first place. The best thing about “Paradise” is gives a peek of their good ol’ sound but it never feels out of place next to the releases from the newer generation.

This is thanks to producer Yoo Young Jin’s (yes, this guy rocks) perfect balance of the new jack swing beat along with the twinkly bubblegum pop synths that have been an integral part of old-school S.E.S bops like Love or I’m Your Girl.

NCT #127Limitless

SM Entertainment has been pandering on nostalgia for their promo tracks for quite some time now and this is no exception. “Limitless”, in this case, resides on the urban pop sound of the late noughties. Think of B2K and you’ll understand what I mean.

Aside from it being a great TRL throwback track, the easiest way to describe Limitless is that it is an amalgamation of everything that NCT #127 and U has released with more commercial appeal. If you loved “The 7th Sense” and “Fire Truck”, this song is an easy sell.

P.S.: I think I’m almost alone when I say that I do stan NCT’s overall fashion and style. Quoting from the words of an awesome Reddit comment: “Makes them seem like a boyband from a dystopian, cyberpunk future”. And the video, so dope!

Day6I Wait

I’ve never followed Day6 to be honest, but this track just sends me to the early 90s and that is a great thing because I will immediately anything that gives me an instant throwback. The pre-chorus of “I Wait” is a particular favorite of mine with how hypnotic it sounds. I don’t know how to put it but it reminds of me a particular genre, maybe acid jazz? I really don’t know but I do love it. (If someone can tell me how to classify that part into a genre that would be great)

PristinWee Woo

Aside from the big three, Pledis is one of my favorite agencies in K-Pop (minus the ultra crappy management of their artists). What I like most about Pledis is that they never half-ass anything they release. From Son Dambi to After School to NU’EST to Seventeen, everyone has had their share of quality bops and music videos. Adding up to that list is their newest girl group, Pristin.

Their debut “Wee Woo” is a success because it got their audiences polarized. Not everybody loved it. Not everybody understood what it was. And that’s why I love it. To think that a rookie is as risqué as Pristin means that there are pretty great things in store for them, unless they haven’t learned from what they did with NU’EST and After School. Please, Pledis!!!

AOAExcuse Me/Bing Bing

Admittedly, these two tracks took some time before I got into it but I’m totally on board now. I don’t know which I like better but I guess it all goes down to my mood – sometimes I like the sexy and slow four-point twerk of “Bing Bing” but sometimes I feel as cheeky and flirty as how AOA prances to the chorus of “Excuse Me”. Either way, I love them both.

Victon Eyez Eyez

Victon was easily one of the best rookies last year with their debut single “I’m Fine” serving A-Pink realness. For their return, they decided to switch things up with “Eyez Eyez” which is leaning towards a more moody, synth-y RnB sound. However, the switch up doesn’t seem so abrupt but it came out as more of an expansion of what Victon can offer. At least it’s not some noisy EDM-trap concoction.

Brave GirlsRollin’

“Sweet baby Jesus, Brave Brothers found out about tropical house” was my first reaction when I heard Lollin. This genre was literally regurgitated in the past two years and considering how the legends of recycling stuff found out about it a little too late is a pretty disconcerting. However, the result is damn catchy and you’ve got to give Brave that well-deserved credit. LOLLIN’ LOLLIN’ LOLLIN’!!!!!

P.S.: YAS at Brave Girls being queens of censorship!

Lovelyz – Wow!

Lovelyz wasn’t on my radar during their earlier stages I admit (except for Candy Jelly Love because of the hilarious “You’re the best ever come in my life”) but after hearing “Wow”, it’s safe to say that they’re carving their own path which makes them a little different from the likes of GFriend (I used to find them too similar to each other).

Wow has tinges of the group’s synth-y/magic girl-ish signature sound but to keep this fresh, they incorporated some quirks – K-Pop style. It also features a fantastic bass line which is reminiscent of K-Pop’s official 666 song “Lookie”. Its little (but fantastic) details like these that are usually ignored just because people easily dismiss them as basic cookie-cutter, saccharine pop song. Well, your loss.


The last BtoB song I liked was “Wow” so I’m thankful that “Movie” piqued my interest with this group again. It’s nothing new though – the song is basically the funky pop ditties done by some of SM’s boy groups in the past two years but there’s always room for that especially that most boy bands nowadays are bland (looking at you, Monsta X). Sorry, but girl group music >>>>

Well, I guess those are just some of the enjoyable bops from the first quarter. You can tell me what I’ve missed as well. I probably should look into more nugus because I’m seriously pretty bored with K-Pop rn.

Although I guess things will start to pick up with upcoming releases though like the grand return of IU, Oh My Girl being stuck in a giant marshmallow, and Winner unabashedly stealing the concept of 4 Walls.

To more jams, please and thank you!


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