the new nct unit is what it is supposed to be

…and if you have any thoughts other than these young boys singing about their crushes, then you need to calm your pedo ass, stay away from the internet, and live a normal life.


I still don’t have a complete grasp as to how the whole NCT group should function, but at this point, I can say that they’re  SM Entertainment’s version of Japan’s mega groups (EXILE comes into mind). Like there’s a core group and the sub-units just spew out from there. It’s a pretty neat and ambitious attempt from SM and so far, they’re pulling it off quite well. This particular one is actually one of my favorites (along with NCT U).

NCT in 5-10 years time

NCT Dream is made up of seven kids (literally kids as the average age is 15.6) and their lead single “Chewing Gum” fits them like a glove. Lyrically, the song is about having a massive crush on someone and that feeling is likened to a chewing gum that’s about to burst lol. That hilariously bizarre and cheesy metaphor reminds me of After School’s contribution to pop and hair care, “Shampoo“.


“I want to be the shampoo on your hair / As I fall down the side/
The thick scent of me there / I want to embrace you.” – Nana (After School), Shampoo

The breezy and summery production in Chewing Gum accentuates the literal youthfulness of the group even further, so everything that you see comes off naturally. Like they’re not trying to be anything but be young…and that’s it! The uber adorable music video also delivers that message quite clearly.

In terms of production, Chewing Gum also reminds me of GOT7’s “Just Right” with the amount of saccharine that the songs possesses and it is for that reason that I find NCT Dream’s debut single to be really enjoyable.


You see, it has somehow become a cardinal rule for a lot of K-boy bands to have a concept that is either dark or intense. That is why I appreciate groups like Seventeen and ASTRO who chose to take on a slightly different route with their bright and fun concepts. (GOT7 used to be like that too until “If You Do” happened, btw). This is what NCT Dream brings to the table. They’re young, they’re naturally cute so as a result, they are extremely distinguishable.

Consider this, NCT U could’ve easily done NCT 127’s Firetruck in the same way that the latter can work on the former’s The 7th Sense. The first two NCT units are so interchangeable, if you ask me. But not everyone in NCT U or NCT 127 can pull off what NCT Dream is doing now. That is like the advantage that this group holds. We need more diversified acts in boy groups and Dream is there to fill the void, up until they get past puberty perhaps hahaha.

Live performances of Chewing Gum are such a delight to watch as well although it seems pretty dangerous with all the hoverboard action happening. Apparently, these kids practiced for two months but I still would prefer to have a safer stage for them considering how cute and fun the choreo for the song is.

That’s about it – NCT Dream is unadulterated, cute, and fun. What else is there to complain?


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