all roads lead to exid: five songs from “street” that aren’t l.i.e

EXID’s first full-length album “Street” is a hodgepodge of tunes from all the other groups out there. It’s like telling everyone that they can do what their counterparts are doing and that they can even exceed them. It’s a bold attempt to lure everyone else to Leggo street and that’s not necessarily a bad thing though because this group is talented enough to do so.

Despite being a solid effort overall, I personally expected a tad bit more different from EXID especially in terms of playing around and crafting their own sound (just because I know LE and Shinsadong Tiger can). So I’d probably stay on my lane of biases for the mean time but I’d still drop by EXID street if I feel like it.


With that being said, here are five standout tracks from Street that isn’t L.I.E. Speaking of L.I.E, despite being sounding like Bitch I’m Madonna (don’t deny it) and 2NE1 combined, it still is a jam that gets addicting after repeated spins (I mean, who can escape that “l-i-l-i-l-i-eh-eh”?). Not their best, but still a welcome change for the girls.

No Way/Good

With a slight tinge of Sweetune’s signature sound, No Way is a great midtempo filler for this album. If you aren’t digging No Way that much, you can also go for album closer “Good” which sounds similar to the former.


Hani isn’t usually credited for her vocal ability which is unfortunate because the girl actually sing (a quick YouTube search of “EXID Hani singing” or Hot Pink drunk version helps). It’s just that she’s made to sing in a different pitch in their hit songs just like how everyone in SNSD is when they sing Oh or Kissing You. In “Hello” however, Hani performs at her most comfortable and natural range – girl even manages to throw out some pseudo-scatting!

I Know

“I Know” starts as a feel-good urban pop track like how some of their previous b-sides go. But this song is not the one for subtlety as it takes on an interesting twist courtesy of a dubstep-lite breakdown.

Nyam Nyam Jeop Jeop

This is that track where EXID enters T-ara territory which means that it is a jam because T-ara baby! Shinsadong Tiger’s work with T-ara (particularly No. 9) is written all over Nyam Nyam Jeop Jeop – from the guitars down to the pulsating EDM sections. It’s basically a more cartoonish No.9 and that will never be a bad thing. NYAM NYAM NYAM JEOP JEOP JEOP!!!!!!!!!!


Cream can easily be added to an Ibiza summer party playlist and nobody will notice that it’s actually sung in Korean. Since I’m trash for anything with deep house influences, Cream is an instant favorite. I also love how EXID addresses their diet woes head on, particularly citing a certain “cream” that they can’t get rid of even though it makes them gain weight. It probably is from a cake that they ordered at Tous le Jours because it couldn’t be about anything else, right?

Do you agree with this list or are there some other tracks which you think stood out from these five? Leave a comment and we’ll see if you’re right (you’re probably not lol).


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