hyosung lands herself a spot in the harem of young k-divas with “find me”

If there is one thing that Hyosung (of SECRET) wants to prove in her recent comeback, it’s that she’s belongs in the realm of current young K-divas…and she means it.

From the first keys of the grand Italo disco piano in “Find Me”, the busty songstress sounds so determined to deliver. Coupled with breathy pronouncements of losing her mind over a lover, “Find Me” builds up into a catchy dance-pop track with a sound that screams 2008…or earlier. This retread is somehow forgivable because the upbeat track sounds fresh when placed beside the other acts that made a comeback along with hers (see BtoB, Block B).

Hyosung clearly rested on the laurels of what works for her and the concept that she’s maintaining except that this time around, she brought with her a product so deliciously clean cut and by the books that you can’t help but commend her for being so in it to win it.

That’s totally fine. At this point, Hyosung needed to carve a niche for herself against her sexy K-diva contemporaries. You’ve got the envelope-pushing Ga-In, the dark and mysterious Sunmi, the sexy and cheeky Hyuna, the antihero Hara (lol), and the over-the-top Ailee – so where does Hyosung belong? Nobody seems to have filled up the good ol’ feminine, back to basics sexy one, so let’s hand that one to our Hyo.

The music video further cements this fact. Dressed up in the tightest bejeweled corsets, hot pants ala Spinning Around Kylie Minogue, and some flowy tail (that I don’t know how to describe), Hyosung emanates the quintessential K-diva look with such ease. Her presence is radiating throughout the video, accentuating all the right spots needed to sell a Hyosung video.

If you’re still not sold on Hyosung as the newest K-diva in “Find Me”, the live performances even tell a clearer story. She’s backed up by an army of dancers whose mouths are covered for some reason. Not only that, by the time featured rapper D.Action’s section comes in, Hyosung retreats into the back and lets the dancers do the dancing for her. You’ve got to make use of the peasants while you’re at it, don’t you?

(dance break starts at 2:13)

Overall, “Find Me” is a satisfying comeback. The song may not be as innovative as far as K-Pop standards go, but I guess what she’s trying to tell here is that she’s got what it takes to be a formidable soloist and with her is “Find Me” to back her up.

Message received, Hyo!


What did you think of “Find Me”? Leave a comment below and let me know.

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