bingsoo mix volume 1: seventeen, rainbow, mamamoo, nu’est, red velvet, ladies’ code, and more!

Welcome to the Bingsoo Mix! This new section will list down some of the K-Pop tracks that have piqued my attention for the past days, weeks, months, etc. It may also feature a playlist of great (it has to be, of course) K-Pop tracks that you can blast when the need arises.

If you’re new to K-Pop and you need a starting point, then aigoo, you lucky chingu!!! If you’ve been a fan and you want to expand your horizons (because you’re not some delulu/sasaeng hybrid that only lives for your biases’ shizz), then I got this for ya!


“True dat, you know I got it!”

Yoon Jung Shin (featuring Seventeen’s Vocal Unit) – Chocolate

You may know Yoon Jung Shin as an MC (if you watch stuff like Beatles Code) but he produces great K-Pop music and his agency Mystic89 houses some of the genre’s greatest acts (see Lim Kim, Park Ji Yoon, Brown Eyed Girls). Chocolate is a part of his monthly single release project, just like how SM Station is.

Apparently, the song has been recorded in the early 90s which clearly explains the 90s realness going on. I know you’re with me when I say that it would have been great promo for them had they pitched this to be included in the Reply 1988 OST. Lyrically, the song is your good ol’ cheesy love song fodder with one of the Seventeen guys serenading “I have so much more sweetness to give to you”. Ugh but oh well, I love me some vintage pop so this deserves a pass.

Rainbow – Whoo

When you heard “Whoo” for the first time, you probably complained to the K-Pop gods that it should’ve sounded better. Arguably, the song literally borrows its structure from their legendary hit “A” and although it falls slightly flat than the former, “Whoo” woos with its own charms. I personally enjoyed the chorus which features synths and singing style that sounds like it was ripped off from a rom-com from the 80s. And of course, the “Whoo!! Crab! Crab!” Seafood-dols ftw!

Well, if you’re not satisfied with the song, here’s their dance practice video that features some cutesy choreography courtesy of Yama and Hotchicks. Who could’ve ever thought that you can belly dance to Whoo? Ah, Rainbow – the group who is always streets ahead.

Mamamoo – Taller than You (1cm)

An easy sell for Mamamoo’s Taller Than You (1cm) is that Chloe Grace Moretz stans this song for realsies!! However, the great thing about this track is that it just shows how talented this quartet is knowing that they get a pass for sounding so silly just because they have enough talent to compensate for whatever this is. In a nutshell, the song is about Moonbyul being the tallest and that height isn’t just Wheein’s thing.

NU’EST – Overcome

Who would’ve thought that NU’EST could still have a comeback? Yes, they did and it’s great. Overcome continues the group’s attempt to veer away from their urban-electro concept (which they started off with the luscious I’m Bad last year). It starts off smooth and then explodes right in the chorus which then is coupled with some incantation in the lyrics *casts mamamahakenda peupeldomun, whatever that is*.

The accompanying mini-album is also worth commending because of its consistent RnB sound (except for the obligatory ballad which sounds like the name of a Japanese boy band – go figure). My vote would have to go to tracks like My Heaven and By Bickering because they sound like 2000-ish Usher goodness that would top the TRL charts.

Red Velvet – One of These Nights

Such a brave, brave release considering that it’s from Red Velvet and most especially, SM Entertainment. Although by this time, you would know that based on this song’s performance on the charts, SM would be dropping their Velvet side the next time they come back.

You would at least expect them to package a Velvet-ish single akin to Automatic and Be Natural but they scrapped all of that and went on to release a track that sounds like Jooyoung would release in his earlier indie days. One of These Nights is a song that takes its time to build up and a structure like this is something that SM doesn’t push for in a title track.

I’m so amazed with their commitment to Red Velvet’s concept though despite the huge risks that come with it. This alone is enough merit that the album deserves.  Worth taking into consideration as well is the continuous rise of their contemporaries such as Twice and G-Friend. We all know that Red Velvet needs to seal a breakout hit as soon as possible but no, The Velvet is here – it is alive and it is daebak!

Ladies’ Code – Galaxy

Now this one is what you should be expecting as Red Velvet’s Velvet side (even the video is very SM x RV style). I’ll discard  Ladies’ Code’s sad past because that calls for some another discussion because the important thing now is that the group is back and with them is great music that the whole world deserves to hear. Galaxy can pose some serious competition with some indie acts from the West and somebody should petition to add this song to Majestic Casual’s playlist in Spotify.  Check out the song’s unique bossanova twist towards the end. That alone is enough reason why K-Pop >>>>> anything else you got there.

Some other honorable mentions include:

Did I miss anything? Leave your recommendations in the comments and I’ll add them up in the next volume (perhaps).

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